Anamé’s Story – How Anamé Program was born

They say that all beginnings are difficult and it was not very different for Anamé Program either. Valéria Anamé Balázs, the creator of the method does not find it hard to talk about the severe diseases of her youth anymore. It is so much easier to see things through if you understand the reasons behind the happenings.

I began developing Anamé Program in 1989 because my life was at stake. My difficulties started at the very beginning of my life: I was born seven months premature, weighing only 1,5 kg (3.3 lb) with severe scoliosis and a dislocated hip. Later on, still as a small child, I was diagnosed with asthma, and my weak immune system made me prone to get infections all the time as well.

If this would not have been enough, my family circumstances were poor too. My grandmother and mother, not being able to cope with their inner tension, took their stress out on me. I thought that I was simply bad and did not deserve love. I felt ashamed of myself, did not dare to say a word to anyone and had no friends. My father did not live with us either and did not seem to care much about my life in general.

As a young adult, it became obvious to me that if I did not change my circumstances, the psychological difficulties caused by them would only keep making my illnesses worse. I moved to Budapest, but lacking money and support I became homeless for a while, having an end-stage renal failure. I soon managed to take control over my life though. I found work in a couple of months and became a part-time English teacher in a primary school. I was working constantly, and was able to rent a room and continue my studies. I graduated in psychology at ELTE University, as well as in yoga at the Buddhist College.

Unfortunately my physical condition kept worsening and my organs soon began to fail. By that time, on top of the others, I had developed musculoskeletal problems and autoimmune diseases too – all chronic, incurable illnesses. By the age of 20 I ended up in a wheelchair and was close to becoming completely blind. My situation was practically hopeless. My way out lead through excercises and meditations.
My diseases were incurable so there was nowhere to go. I started experimenting on myself. I stopped doing hatha yoga exercises and got to know the rules of the energy flow through the example my own body instead. I was using exercises I had never heard of before during my yoga studies.

There were areas in my body which seemed to be lifeless and were not operating as they were supposed to. I noticed that there were certain points of these areas that I could concentrate on, and doing so work with the whole body section. I was breathing through them and making gentle movements that I was able to perform, and soon noticed that my body started tingling and life began to flow in it again. These blocked, sick parts became passable and various parts of my body finally started communicating with each other. My whole body was slowly coming back to life.

A lot more lies behind the miraculous physical recovery though. The spiritual problems and all the difficulties I used to have, have gradually cleared out, and my whole life has changed for the better thanks to the practices. On one hand, a kind of light and glow appeared on my face after a while. My posture changed and my face and body have begun to rejuvenate. On the other hand, I have received a lot more than the physical changes. All my difficult life situations and personal relationships were solved and the memories of my past do not feel painful anymore.

I have been blossoming in my vocation and my personal life ever since. My wonderful son, the light of my life was born. I think of the family I was born into with the greatest love. Only my mother is still among us and our relationship is full of love now. Anamé Program played a big part in her recovery from a very serious metastatic cancer and renal failure five years ago. She has become a balanced, healthy person in the past couple of years.

There was no need to strain myself during the practices in order to heal. The physical and mental changes were accompanied by a force that was beyond my usual abilities and helped me in this work.

The energy I managed to awaken with the use of the breathing practices and the movements, started to align my body automatically. This means that certain corrective motions appeared and my body started moving by itself, without me controlling it, in the state of complete peace and calmness. These kinds of motions are never painful, though sometimes happen beyond what we would normally be capable of. This clearly shows that regenerating my body was not the only thing that happened here, but that I also managed to safely awaken an energy that is there in each and every one of us, sleeping. This power is known as kundlini energy.

This method is very pragmatic. The healing initiates a clearing process in the body, which includes cleansing symptoms as well.

Since I am very sceptical myself, I have always been looking for proof, to find out if it is true, if it truly works. Obviously the healing itself was the first real sign for me to see that this method was working indeed and it was not only my imagination. The process comes with strong cleansing symptoms. This means that the body starts tingling, can go numb, feel difficult to move and the breathing can quicken.

This is the result of the huge amount of energy that is released and absorbed in the body, giving you great power and putting everything into motion. What did not use to work properly before, finally becomes balanced. Anamé Program is perfect for those who are looking for a pragmatic solution to heal, to solve the problems in their lives or in their human relationships. This energy can be awakened and bring about great changes.

It was highly important to me to make this method personalized. Working with such a huge energy is only safe and efficient if we take chakra diagnosis into account. Everyone has different energy patterns, therefore is unique and one of a kind.

Setting up your chakra diagnosis does not require the use of any special equipment and it only takes a couple of seconds. You only need to be standing straight with your arms up. If, due to your health conditions this is not possible, it can alternatively be done in a sitting position as well. The proportions of the body, the muscle tones and the position of the bones show us where the blocks are and which chakra we have to start the work with. The same work that I did myself many years ago as well.

It is essential that the exercises are easy to perform by everyone regardless of health or physical conditions. As I used to be disabled and very ill myself, it was crucial for me to find movements that I was still able to perform without major difficulties or straining. Should you find any of the exercises too hard, our instructor will personalize it and add adjustments to make it comfortably doable for you.

This method is independent of all religions and denominations and brings changes in a completely practical way. Anamé Program is not connected to any dogma or tradition, and you do not even need to believe in it to allow the exercises to work and bring the desired results about. It is a practical, simple, empirical and personalized method. It is similar to gravity: it works, even if you do not believe in it. Even though this method can bring recoveries, physical, spiritual and mental progresses that could be considered miracles, these miracles are not accidental at all. Their mechanism is based on the perfect and complete knowledge of the human energy system.

The Present Day

Today, I live in health, love and happiness. I have been practicing since 1989. I am grateful because thanks this method I get to experience miracles every day, and get to be a part of the miracles that happen to our practitioners as well.


„The nervous system is the carrier of the stream of life. There are nerve centers, which, just like accumlators, store the current that flows through them. If, for example due to some personal reason a surplus of energy is generated in the negative currents, we begin to intentionally stimulate the positive energy nerve centers or try to relax the negative ones. The result in both cases is the restoration of the balance, and the consequence is a miraculous recovery!
These miraculous stories are only incomprehensible for those who are not familiar with the secrets of the two currents though. For those who are, it is not a miracle anymore but a simple law of nature, with which the desired physical reaction can be achieved with mathematical precision.“

Selvarajan Yesudian